Who We Are

VFI has financed billions in assets worldwide. Our direct lending solutions are designed to fit the unique capital needs of middle-market and Fortune 500 companies.

VFI has hundreds of millions in capital funding ready to deploy. Our upfront and responsive approach to acquiring and financing business equipment is unmatched by our competitors, and the results speak for themselves.

VFI stands ready to partner with you to meet your objectives. Whether you’re funding current capital projects, using your unencumbered equipment to add liquidity to your balance sheet, or something else, our approach is tailored to your unique business goals.


Our mission is to partner with organizations across all industries by providing the financial flexibility that allows businesses to operate, grow, and advance in their endeavors. Through valued access to capital, VFI offers a variety of financing structures that provide opportunities for companies to achieve their financing goals.




Direct Lender

As a direct lender with immediate access to liquid capital, we can help you push your latest project forward.
Once you’ve worked with us for the first time, you’ll notice the marked difference in our level of professionalism. As you become another one of our success stories, we’ll become an essential and dedicated business partner for your company.