Working at VFI

VFI is committed to providing a workplace that fosters continued growth, connection, and advancement opportunities. We work in a fast-paced, detail-intensive environment, and that means we’re meticulous about picking the right candidates for our unique industry.

VFI values team members who challenge themselves and push through boundaries in order to achieve personal happiness, wealth and success.

Our Team

Part of our philosophy is to provide excellent one-on-one service and loan personalization to all of our clients. To this end, our team values the right balance of proactivity, ingenuity, and customer service skills.

Our professionals are committed to staying on top of industry trends and cutting-edge solutions that can help us continue to serve this mission and delight our clients.

What Makes VFI Different

Comprehensive Training
From experience comes knowledge. We supply our reps with all the tools and training they need for success. Our training stage is a paid 2-3 week period that takes new hires through the basics of our industry, internal processes, our company-wide values, and secrets to success.

Access to Upper Management
Our employees told us how valuable time with our VPs and C-levels were, and we listened. Especially in the initial training phases, our leadership team has made a concerted effort to be present, accessible, and helpful.

Our compensation and benefits are competitive. The reality of our work is intensive yet rewarding. By nature, it is challenging yet fulfilling. Our compensation benefits are designed to reflect that, and benefit team members that strive for excellence in their role.

People First
We can’t do business without our team, and we do whatever we can to show our employees that we value them. We believe in small gestures like workplace improvements and catering lunches, as well as larger ones like bonuses, time off, or career advancement and development.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re offering the ability to work from home when possible. We want our employees to stay safe and continue thriving in uncertain times.

Job Openings

We’re always looking to expand our amazing team. See our listings and openings here.


For more information about positions currently available contact us at 866.731.8100 or submit the following form.