One of the largest and most diversified crane rental companies in the US.


Critical to maintaining their industry position this client needed to add 17 cranes to their rental fleet in order to keep up with demand.


In order to meet many of the client’s needs VFI had to utilize a very creative FMV lease structure. VFI worked very closely with the executives to ensure that each crane was going to cash flow from their rental revenue.


Cash flow needs of the client were met. Funding took place on a very tight timeline to maintain delivery dates.


“In order to get the cranes that we needed to meet our contractual obligations, we put VFI under a very tight timeline. As we needed the funding in 9 business days to ensure we did not lose any of the cranes we needed. VFI not only delivered they exceeded our expectations. This is what a true lending relationship is all about.” Chief Financial Officer

Large Crane Rental Company


New Cranes for Rental Inventory